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National Instruments Corporation is a supplier of measurement and automation products that engineers and scientists use in a range of industries. It provides flexible application software, and modular, multi-function hardware that users combine with computers, networks and third-party devices to create measurement, automation and embedded systems, which – más... the Company also refers to as virtual instruments. Its application software products include LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real-Time, LabVIEW FPGA, Measurement Studio, LabWindows/CVI, DIAdem, TestStand and Multisim. Its hardware and related driver software products include data acquisition (DAQ); peripheral component interconnect (PCI) extensions for instrumentation (PXI) chassis and controllers; image acquisition; distributed input/output, and modular instruments and embedded control hardware/software; industrial communications interfaces; general-purpose interface bus interfaces, and VME extensions for instrumentation (VXI) controllers.
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78 %
de empleados aprueban el desempeño de Dr. James Truchard como director general
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Negative environment
Escrito por Customer Service (exempleado) de Costa Rica en 1 agosto 2019
Training well provided, detailed. However, supervisors not appropriately chosen. Or superivsor is recently graduated from high school, or Supervisor has a very bad attitude, and does not know how to express, direct things. Management never available when needed
private dr, subsidio, transportation
Restroom limited
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