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Work itself was no different than teaching individuals in private, with the exception of doing it with groups. Clock in, teach, clock out. In my time working there I've learned the fundamental importance the sense of belonging has in a big company. Management was absolutely terrible in all aspects (in fact, it has gone bankrupt). It would have been a successful company had it focused on a much more serious business practice both towards students - it didn't have standardized tests and letting students pass was encouraged because it brought more money with subsequent courses - and towards the teachers who were paid really bad, late and always with cuts which were justified by the HR up to the point where the teacher pointed out the blatant rip-offs (many people striked and denounced the company at the Ministry of Work). And, of course, if the owner didn't syphon funds from the company, it would have made quite a bit of difference. People, all being in the same boat, were generally nice to each other except when they could get some sort of advantage by backstabbing others in some way (that's also somewhat a cultural trait of the country itself though). Divide et impera worked well for the company's owner for a long time. The hardest part of the job was doing it while knowing how so much better one could manage the whole company instead of letting it sink. The easiest part was the teaching itself because students can be a lot of fun.
Method flexibility
Late and low, unfarily cut salaries
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